My name is Salvatore and I was born in 1974. I was born and raised in the most magical and renowned city in the world, namely, Rome. I’ve always been surrounded by a touristic and professional ambiance and I’ve grown up hand in hand with the notion that Rome tends primarily to the world of tourism and I have learned to adapt and play a part in this environment.
The demand for tourism along with the slow economy is changing and the idea that there are people out there who yearn to visit Rome but cannot allow themselves the luxury to do so would truly sadden me. This was what brought upon my brilliant idea to develop something different, a strategic move that could accommodate everyone and allow them to see the potentiality of the Eternal City without putting a hole in their pockets. As we all know, Rome is an expensive city with pricey hotels and restaurants and this often curbs the wallet and puts a damper on family outings. Our economic resources are going downhill while the willingness to travel and explore the world is becoming increasingly high. Therefore, I had decided a short while ago to build on my idea and set up two adjacent apartments, Comfy @ Colosseum and The Doorstep to the Colosseum, also reservable together in case of party of friends or multiple families, in the Historical Centre of the City, a hop and a skip away from the Coliseum and in the most striking and elegant part of Rome: Comfy& the Colosseum can ben reserved separately or together, capable to accommodate up to 10/11 people. They have been renovated  to a modern taste and are side by side separated by a wall and have individual entrances but share the same Roman courtyard, with its traditional and antique look and a doorman at the front that guarantees our hosts cleanliness, a valid help and security. Therefore the property is dedicated to everyone, to families and to all those who are disabled or wheelchair users and its wheelchair accessibility is guaranteed inside and outside. The inside is spacious and has a large bathroom with a roll-in shower , shower chair, grabrails, handrails, large doors, spacious gates and a lovely and fully-equipped kitchen and cozy separate bedrooms. These are all accessible to those with disabilities. Hygiene and cleanliness have always been of big importance to me and so I personally make sure that every room is immaculate. These apartments have been built to really make everyone feel at home and still have the sense of being in a different city swarming with culture and history. Above all, the building has been recently inspected and all licenses have been renewed and security measures have been taken to ensure and guarantee proper safety and security. My motto is: The right to enjoy Rome belongs to everyone. This applies to the rich or underprivileged, the young or elderly and people of all cultures. And so, with this motto, I hope to accomplish my dream and primarily make your stay here as memorable and low-cost as possible.

Sincerely yours and awaiting a visit from you,